We work closely with clients to provide them with the best possible awareness of the global risks of Economic Espionage, including: 

  •     How to avoid being a victim of economic espionage.
  •     How to reduce the risks of being investigated or accused of committing economic espionage.
  •     Identification of trade secrets.
  •     Protection of trade secrets.
  •     Education and training of employees in proper handling of trade secrets.
  •     Litigation support. 
  •     Cyber security reviews.
  •     Investigation of suspicions of economic espionage.
  •     Managing the media so the crisis does not get blown out of proportion.
  •     Dealing with various constituencies during such a crisis.
  •     What employees need to know after an economic espionage attack.
  •     The psychological impact of economic espionage on employees.
  •     Financial relations to ensure that Wall Street doesn't overreact.
  •     The pros and cons of reporting such suspicions to appropriate authorities.
  •     Dealing with the FBI and U.S. Justice Department.
  •     Preventing unintended broadcast of sensitive information during a trial.

When it is necessary to bring in other experts, we have a national team of experienced investigators, former FBI agents, cybercrime experts and seasoned intellectual property lawyers who are highly trained in all matters pertaining to Economic Espionage and theft of trade secrets. 

We will coordinate a total team effort to devise strategies that will best protect a client's assets and interests.

If you suspect that you have been victimized by Economic Espionage, one of your first calls should be to us.