In response to numerous requests over the years, Lexicon Communications has established the Crisis Management Speakers Bureau as a way of bringing this important topic to as many businesses and organizations as possible. 

If your company or organization wants to raise crisis management awareness among your management, your employees or your members, please contact the Crisis Management Speakers Bureau for information on topics, fees and availability. 

Sample topics for speeches, workshops and seminars include:

  • Crisis Management 101 – An Introduction
  • Being prepared post-September 11th -- What Should Companies Do Differently?
  • Can a Company Really Plan Against Terrorism?
  • Keynote/After Dinner Address on the “crisis du jour” (e.g., BP, Penn State, Toyota, Wall Street, and so many more)
  • Crisis Communications: How to Manage the Message
  • Social media and crisis communications -- communications gold!
  • When Your Product Becomes an "Instrument of Death"
  • Deciding “Life and Death Issues” in a Crisis – What They Don’t Teach at Any Business School
  • Dealing with the News Media in a Crisis, or What to do When “60 Minutes” Knocks on Your Door
  • Decision Making Under Crisis-Induced Stress
  • Making “Defensible Decisions” That Will Withstand Scrutiny in Court and in the Media 
  • Or, a customized, multimedia presentation specially tailored for your company or industry group