Lexicon Communications is one of only a small handful of crisis management firms nationwide that has been pre-qualified by one of the world's largest insurance conglomerates to provide emergency crisis management counseling and crisis communications services to select policy holders.  In the event of a crisis, policyholders may contact Lexicon Communications directly, have us spring into action immediately, and have our fees paid by the insurance company -- all without waiting for time-consuming authorization from the insurance company. (Contact us for more information on this unique crisis and risk management tool).

We take the position that a crisis is a turning point which offers as much opportunity as danger. In addition to being called in to manage a crisis or counsel clients through an ongoing, fast-breaking crisis, we conduct advance training seminars, workshops and full-blown crisis simulations to hone the skills of managers and executives who may at some time be called upon to serve on a crisis management team or respond to the media in a crisis-filled environment.

The seminars -- which are tailored to a client's particular needs -- focus on such critical and vital areas as:

  • Identifying the crisis 
  • Isolating the crisis 
  • Managing the crisis
  • Crisis communications 
  • Media relations
  • Media training 
  • Damage control 
  • Assembling a crisis management team 
  • Creating a crisis management plan
  • Creating a crisis communications team 
  • Crisis forecasting 
  • Crisis intervention 
  • Decision making under crisis-induced stress